New Constellations

Don’t lose that smile keep the eye contact I know you’re forgetting to breathe Your Sunday afternoon tie’s too tight around your neck We sit atop pillows embroidered with a thousand strands of silver thread Sipping tea from porcelain cups and pondering the quality of light White beams bounce off your slicked back hair I’m … More New Constellations

Sleeping on Floors

I’ve been lacking inspiration and Command Strips. I’ve been eating chocolate cake for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. What is it about carbon dioxide and too many hangovers that makes seltzer more desirable than bottles of liquid on the shelf above the cutting board cabinet? I’m searching for a spot to claim by the third floor … More Sleeping on Floors


The first words from my mouth are always “How are you?” I wait for an answer and regret the question It always comes back to me I know you’re supposed to say happy things I’m good, I’m great, I’m doing really well But I can’t be doing well if I’m not doing good I’m serving … More Waitress

Managing Stress

Last semester, I had less work but higher stress levels. This semester, I’ve made a few changes that have helped me improve productivity and general mental well-being. Here are some steps that can hopefully help you manage added stress, whether it’s exam week or just a time that’s busier than usual. Don’t break routine. If … More Managing Stress


Run through the cloudless night before the cold seeps into your bones and fills your lungs like black smoke until you can no longer bear to take another breath then suddenly you’re saved by laughter and friends and good good times strong enough to rip the lonely and the angry away from that pretty little … More Run


Our trembling legs carried us into the white-walled hospital for the first time. I had just returned from a month-long academic program in Oxford. I stepped directly from the most enchanting dream into the most heart-wrenching nightmare. My parents and I walked past children with wigs and children without on the way to Caroline’s room. … More Guilt


I broke the bread. Crumbs on the counter. The crusty edge stabbed the roof there is no blood. Mom hates when I complain because the world has bigger problems. Order is not in our lives. Sorrow in mom’s heart. Tubes affixed to Caroline. Jason slept on a Central Park bench on September the 11th. We … More Warriors