America’s Hometown

Plymouth, Massachusetts is nicknamed America’s hometown, but it’s not mine. If you look up Plymouth on Google Maps, you’ll see a coastal town on the South Shore of Boston, sheltered by Cape Cod Bay. Zoom in closer and you’ll find the Bourne and the Sagamore bridges, which connect Plymouth to the town of Bourne and … More America’s Hometown

Gran Canaria

I remember sitting at a wooden picnic table on the tiled back patio of a small yellow clay house. The house had a staircase that hugged one of the outside walls and led up to the flat roof, where laundry was hung to dry. From my seat at the picnic table, I could see over … More Gran Canaria

A Parable for 2019

We are rejecting the world’s stories. The princess is shot in kindergarten and we read about it on tiny handheld computers. A hashtag appears on twitter’s trending page and we retweet it to show solidarity, but mainly to feel good about ourselves. We focus our energy on scrolling through endless Facebook feeds to avoid boredom, … More A Parable for 2019

Morocco: Some Notes

Part 1: المدينة (The City) The air smells of spices and mint tea. Cumin, paprika, cayenne, turmeric, and cinnamon are displayed in conical piles in the storefronts that line the narrow street. The hard dirt road beneath our leather sandaled feet is packed down, as if a thousand pairs of feet have already walked along … More Morocco: Some Notes


On the first day of French class in 6th grade, I learned one of my favorite words: enchanté. I have hardly used it since then, although I have been saying it a lot over the past few weeks. The words means “nice to meet you.” Here are some of the people I’ve met recently, and … More Enchanté