On the first day of French class in 6th grade, I learned one of my favorite words: enchanté. I have hardly used it since then, although I have been saying it a lot over the past few weeks. The words means “nice to meet you.” Here are some of the people I’ve met recently, and … More Enchanté

Les Papillons

Darling I’ll never stop admiring your strength We had to cry for you because you never did Dad was concerned by how you chose to cope Now you’re running careless as if you’ve never known pain My dear you’ve already encountered the worst of the caterpillars and now you can know butterflies   Adults have … More Les Papillons


You know better than anyone I’m not myself when I’m quiet Sometimes I run but never out of words Though lately I’ve been at a loss for what to say Should I tell you about the man in the stained grey sweatshirt reaching into a Park Avenue trash can to sip from two lidded coffee … More Quiet


Mom keeps asking what I’m eating Not what’s eating me Dad wants to know how my grades are Not how I am I run on protein, fruit, leafy greens, grains, nuts, coffee My body is strong but my sanity is slipping through the tear in my pocket I haven’t had time to fix I can’t sleep but … More Health


Sacrificing sleep to fill my brain Can’t find shelter in my head I feel my intelligence is questioned when multiple choice is involved The only solace lies in the tip of my gold pen and the ink spilling a jumbled mess of English and French After too many words on too many pages, There’s not … More Therapy

New Constellations

Don’t lose that smile keep the eye contact I know you’re forgetting to breathe Your Sunday afternoon tie’s too tight around your neck We sit atop pillows embroidered with a thousand strands of silver thread Sipping tea from porcelain cups and pondering the quality of light White beams bounce off your slicked back hair I’m … More New Constellations

Sleeping on Floors

I’ve been lacking inspiration and Command Strips. I’ve been eating chocolate cake for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. What is it about carbon dioxide and too many hangovers that makes seltzer more desirable than bottles of liquid on the shelf above the cutting board cabinet? I’m searching for a spot to claim by the third floor … More Sleeping on Floors


The first words from my mouth are always “How are you?” I wait for an answer and regret the question It always comes back to me I know you’re supposed to say happy things I’m good, I’m great, I’m doing really well But I can’t be doing well if I’m not doing good I’m serving … More Waitress