Don’t Panic

I can be pretty shy about asking people for help sometimes, but on Friday, I talked to anyone and everyone that would give me the time of day. My bus arrived in Milan around 7pm, and I had planned to meet three friends who were already in the city. My phone wasn’t working properly and … More Don’t Panic


On the first day of French class in 6th grade, I learned one of my favorite words: enchanté. I have hardly used it since then, although I have been saying it a lot over the past few weeks. The words means “nice to meet you.” Here are some of the people I’ve met recently, and … More Enchanté

In a new home

Salut! I am spending the semester living in Nice, France and studying at SKEMA Business School. So far, I am absolutely loving it here– from the culture to the food to the people. It’s been pretty easy to adjust to life in Nice, although there are some minor things that have surprised me. Here is … More In a new home


Last week, I dreamt I was getting an airplane tattooed on my arm. If you’re picturing a delicate little wrist tattoo, please reimagine. Think entire forearm—wrist to inner elbow. Last night, I dreamt I was trying to catch a plane home but missed my flight, then booked another one and missed that as well. I … More Tenerife

Bus 53

“Last stop!” The driver belted over the speaker. I wondered if he knew I was the only one there to listen. I stood up and scanned the inside of the bus once more, hoping if I kept looking, more people would appear to keep me from being alone. The heels of my brown leather boots … More Bus 53