Mom keeps asking what I’m eating

Not what’s eating me

Dad wants to know how my grades are

Not how I am

I run on protein, fruit, leafy greens, grains, nuts, coffee

My body is strong but my sanity is slipping

through the tear in my pocket I haven’t had time to fix

I can’t sleep but I can write essays in French

and study for weeks on end without coming up for air

I’m becoming the one thing Dad never wanted

A workaholic like his oldest son

Not out of enjoyment but because I feel compelled.

We have bigger problems, our family

People are ill, people have cancer

People are wrapped up in waves that won’t cease to crash against the shore

Some of us rely on oxygen tubes, others of us simply can’t breathe

Mom and Dad believe that if you eat your veggies and go to the gym and pass your classes,

everything is fine

They worry you may be tired, but they don’t think you can really burn out, break down

Just because others have it worse doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to

not be okay sometimes.


à bientôt





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