Run through the cloudless night before the cold

seeps into your bones and fills your lungs like black smoke

until you can no longer bear to take another breath then

suddenly you’re saved by laughter and friends and

good good times strong enough to rip the lonely and the angry

away from that pretty little heart of yours and the smile returns

brighter than it’s ever been and you throw confetti in the air to celebrate

hoping it’ll stick to the walls but boundaries keep getting pushed and

600 and 4,000 and 9,000 miles start to feel longer when

Skype calls would almost be enough but no calls are coming in

or out and it’s a two way street but the street is temporarily closed for the parade.

Drop the camera let’s have tea time in Grand Central during rush hour and

wear our winter whites while planning trips to the city of

dreams and lights and love and bridges

we’ve got plenty of blank pages, ink in our pens.

We’ll collect sand in jars and 1,000 paper cranes in cages and pray for

world peace but praying isn’t enough to fix the world’s problems

we’ll become global citizens and superheroes

fighting injustice, battling villains.

Faint-hearted fairies just won’t fly that’s why we have

lion’s hearts beneath our ribs we’re not politicians we’re mavericks we run this town.


à bientôt




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