Sole Searching

Why ‘Sole Searching’?

My first thought was to call the blog ‘Soul Searching’. In my everyday life and when traveling, I am discovering myself through positive and negative experiences, as well as through interacting with friends and acquaintances. Essentially, I am always soul searching.

Since my future plans for the blog involve writing about fashion and posting related pictures, I decided the name should be reflective of this. I love dresses with collars, cashmere sweaters, and statement necklaces, but my all time favorite thing to shop for is shoes. Replacing ‘soul’ with ‘sole’ seemed fitting for a shoe addict. Unfortunately, the .com domain name was taken. I scrolled through a list of alternate possibilities— .net, .org, .us, .shoes, though none stood out to me. As soon as I discovered that .xyz was an option, I jumped on board. A creative domain name is perfect for a creative soul.

à bientôt




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