A Sense of Adventure

We each pressed our right hand break then the left, stopping next to the Snapple truck parked along the curb. The workers handed us bottles of iced tea and asked us to be in a video recording. “Tell us about the most recent crazy thing you did, and if you can’t think of anything, you can make it up.” After having just biked 25 miles through Pittsburgh and ending with a cruise down the bustling Forbes Ave, there was no need to make up a story. The day’s adventure began with a casual bike ride through the side streets downtown, with pit(t) stops in back alleyways to capture the “brick wall aesthetic” on camera. After one more stop for cappuccinos, we were really on our way. We rode alongside bikers young and old, and made a few terrible yet exhilarating decisions— one being joining a group of fellow Pitt students as they flew recklessly down a hill. The quiet neighborhood street quickly turned into a highway, flowing over one of the city’s 446 bridges. We stayed on the divider, which seemed like the least life-threatening option. Within a few minutes, the divider ended and our group cut across the road to one side. My stomach was in my throat as we continued riding at top speed alongside Toyotas and Teslas alike for the remainder of the distance back to campus.

It was a great day to have an adventure!

à bientôt




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